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Thanks for considering a paid subscription. I am a Ph.D. student working multiple contract jobs and curating this newsletter in my remaining time. Every dollar of support allows me not only to continue making regular posts on Substack but also to focus more intentionally on building this unique digital space for the study of historical Jerusalem.

There are two different ways to purchase a paid subscription. The reader benefits are near identical regardless of which you pick.

1. Substack

Signing up for a paid subscription through Substack is the simplest option. You can buy a $5/month basic subscription (or opt to save $5 by paying annually) or a $120/year “Founding Member” subscription. Here are the benefits you will receive with each subscription.

Basic subscription ($5/month):

  • Classic Jerusalem Bibliography: a PDF containing my curated list of books and articles about Jerusalem organized by importance and color coated for reading difficulty (including future updates for ongoing supporters)

  • Interactive Jerusalem Bibliography: access a private online list of hundreds of links to public domain and open-access resources about Jerusalem, including publications (books, articles, excavation reports), digital resources (podcasts, videos, 3D models), and more. This document is regularly updated.

  • Historical Jerusalem Photo Collection: over 100 public-domain photos and sketches from 19th and early 20th-century Jerusalem (including future updates for ongoing supporters). The photos are edited, labeled, and tagged. A wonderful collection to browse or use for illustration.

  • Livestreams: exclusive quarterly livestreams discussing recent excavations, pop media archaeological stories, and developments in Jerusalem. The next livestream will take place on June 25 from 8:00-9:30pm.

  • Livestream Archival Access: access to recordings of previous livestreams

Founding Member subscription ($120/year):

  • All benefits listed above

  • Topography of Jerusalem Photo Collection: 60 of my original photos (edited, labeled, & tagged) highlighting the geography and history of Jerusalem with a 10-page guide describing details in each photo (including future updates for ongoing supporters). Ideal for teaching and illustration.

  • Guide to Unfrequented Places in Jerusalem: a PDF e-booklet highlighting ten historical items of interest in Jerusalem with photos, explanatory descriptions, and nearby food/drink recommendations

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2. Patreon

Another option is a paid subscription through Patreon. The payment options are more diverse here, including six tiers paid monthly rather than annually. The lowest starts at $2.50/month and goes up from there. Some of the higher tiers include additional rewards not listed above:


  • All benefits listed above

  • Jerusalem book: I'll send you a favorite book of mine about Jerusalem based around your interests (after two months), and I'll interact with you about the book via email.

  • Review requests: suggest a book, article, or pop media story about Jerusalem for me to read and review in the newsletter (I will do my best to accommodate these requests)


  • All previous benefits

  • Thank you video call: I'd love the chance to thank you for your support on a video call and hear about your interest in Jerusalem

  • Custom travel itinerary: Visiting Jerusalem? I'll design a custom itinerary for you based around your interests, including unfrequented sites and unique food and drink experiences.


  • All previous benefits

  • Direct access: Ongoing one-on-one communication with Chandler by email for questions about your Jerusalem interests: new research, archaeological stories, travel itineraries, reading recommendations, and more

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